Welcome to Stone Daisy Brewery

Welcome to Stone Daisy Brewery, where we offer a unique brewing experience that combines history, tradition and innovation.

Our brewery is named after the medieval witch marks, finely carved into Fonthill’s old stone buildings, which include our stunning distillery and visitor centre. The carvings are in the shape of a six-petalled daisy wheel, also known as a hexafoil. It was believed that witch marks would turn away evil spirits, providing protection to the building and those who lived or worked within it.

Stone Daisy will always source the best available ingredients. We mix the pure Wiltshire water, filtered through chalk deep beneath our feet, with locally malted barley grown in the fields surrounding the brewery.” “Our traditional equipment and methodology, coupled with some modern techniques, create beers that will tickle the tastebuds of every generation of beer and ale drinkers. The result is worth all the effort.

Traditional methods of malting our barley, almost exclusively by hand, are used at Britain’s oldest working maltings at nearby Warminster. The heritage and brewing experience of Stone Daisy will be evident in the beer wash that we use to make our spirits – including Witchmark whisky, gin and vodka. But that’s another story.