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Stone Daisy takes its name from the medieval ‘witch marks’ carved into the stone of our buildings. Their purpose is to ward off evil spirits. And like many witch marks, our ancient carvings take the form of a hexafoil or ‘daisy wheel’. Which is why we’re called Stone Daisy. It just seemed right.

Cow Down

Stone Daisy’s social Pale Ale is Cow Down (3.8% ABV).

It’s a contemporary ale brewed with real hop character but without the addition of darker malts. 

Cow Down’s fruity citrus punch comes from Cascade and Citra hops. Which is why this crisp, smooth, pale gold liquid tastes and smells of summer.

Snail Creep Hanging

Our Best Bitter is Snail Creep Hanging (4.2% ABV).

This traditional beer delicately balances the sweetness of darker malts in the mash with the bitterness of the hops during the boil in the copper. 

The colour is amber. The aroma is sweet and slightly floral. The taste is bitter with toffee notes.

Which explains why this snail is going fast…


Park Bottom

Our India Pale Ale is Park Bottom (4.5% ABV).

This is a modern IPA that – thankfully – doesn’t need to be brewed extra strong to survive the sea journey from England to Empire!

Park Bottom is crafted to satisfy the more enlightened post-imperial palate with a powerful hop and malt flavour combo that you’d expect of a top-quality

The colour is summer sunrise. The aroma is warm grain and grapefruit. The flavour is subtle malt with rich fruits.



Wiltshire, England

Sustainability — and ethics.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. 

We’re lucky that we can tick most of the major sustainable production boxes. 

Not only do we use the grain that grows in the fields right next to our brewery. Our water rises from chalk aquifers right beneath our feet. And our barley is malted nearby at the last remaining traditional maltings at Warminster.

Ethics is key for us. We do as we would be done by.

We buy from good people, local wherever possible. We look after our staff and community as family. And we won’t hesitate to call out anyone who tries to make us, our people, or others feel – or be – less than they have a right to be.

What people are saying...

"It's so great to have a local brewery producing such excellent beers!" 

Gary, Tisbury

"I love the branding - so clever." 

Lizzie, Newtown

"We've had both Snail Creep Hanging and Cow Down so far and both are going down brilliantly. We're getting great feedback from our regulars."

Jamie, The Winchester Gate

“Feedback has been fantastic from our customers and we’ll definitely be re-ordering. We look forward to trying all of them! It’s great to have a local brew as a talking point with people passing through.”  

Michael, The Coppleridge Inn

"Wanted to let you know that our customers and myself are really pleased with Cow Down. Been telling your story to guests and they were very impressed with the quality of the ale."

Sarah, The Ship Inn

"We sold out of Cow Down in three hours, which speaks volumes for how popular it was!"

 Ollie, The Digby Tap

"Park Bottom went incredibly quickly. It beat the other beers either side of it hands-down!"

Craig, The White Lion

Witchmark Distillery

Our sister brand is Witchmark Distillery, where we are about to begin crafting premium English single malt whiskies, and single-estate gins, vodka and new make botanical spirits.

Stone Daisy Brewery and Witchmark Distillery are trading names of The Wiltshire Distilling Company.

Discover Witchmark Distillery

Brewery Tours

Sorry, we aren’t booking brewery tours right now.

But let us know if you’d like to come and see us at work, and we'll be in touch as soon as they’re set to start.